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A Plague to Come?

A Plague to Come?

*Inset the flailing arms, and the groveling image in my head* Please, no, not a plague.

And now, to your relatively late, but generally scheduled post!

Hello there! 

It’s been a long while hasn’t it. I do apologize. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started and had to stop an update of some sort. For some reason things away from the computer seem to have been getting in the way. And in true…

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Suffocating Night

Shadows ’round the fire,-
Darkened woods–
Night, suffocating night.
‘Bove stars burn bright,
hidden by the leaves.
Upon the ground they laugh;
Happy children,
Catalysts in hand.
Inside them demons roll,
None know -
None know -
Later, much later.
She asks…

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Beach Trip in January

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the majority of the night to put what I discovered Monday night at the lake into words. When that failed I tried verse. Which turned into the whole new page found at the top navigation (Organized Chaos). In turn, I plan…

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